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About The Dogeared Preacher

The Dogeared Preacher is a place where preachers can exchange ideas about upcoming texts from the Revised Common Lectionary and about preaching in general.

Posts each week will focus on one of the lectionary texts, generally following this schedule:

  • Monday–First thoughts about the text.   What are they key images, questions and possible leads to pursue in your study time?
  • Wednesday–Primary theme for the sermon.  This post will describe one possible approach to the sermon.
  • Friday–The sermon.  For better or for worse, this will be the final draft of the sermon to be preached on Sunday.
  • Occasional–There will be an occasional book review, discussion about a preaching topic, guest column and sometimes a bit of dry humor.

Everyone who reads The Dogeared Preacher is encouraged to join the conversation.  It is precisely when we discuss and argue about the text that it begins to take root.  My best sermons have been sparked by my colleagues’ thoughts.

The principal author, Eric Scott, is a minister in The United Methodist Church.  He is the pastor of the San Pedro UMC in San Pedro, California.

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