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Potential Theme: Mark 9:30-37

September 16, 2009

I think this text is coming from a place of disruption and persecution within Mark’s community.  I have a hunch that the scripture may have been intended to reassure the Christians that God would care for them especially because they have chosen the path of lowly servanthood and suffering.  These are the thoughts I have so far for this week’s sermon*:

Theme (What is God doing in the text?): God reassures us that God cares for us when we choose of the life of a servant in Christ’s name.

Need (What is the human need reflected in the text?): The courage to follow and hold fast to a life of service when that life becomes difficult.

Image (What is the dominant image for the sermon?): Children.

Mission (To what action is the text leading us?): Live as a servant of Christ.

What do you think Mark was trying to do in these verses?  Will you use the image of children, or will you try a different route?

*These categories are adapted from Paul Scott Wilson’s The Four Pages of the Sermon (Nashville: Abingdon, 1999).

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